[toggle title=”An Overview of the Book of Revelation” open=”0″]This series was taught at NewSong Church in Springfield, Oregon. I was asked to present an overview of the entire Revelation so there are times we’re flying at 30,000 feet and other times we’re flying closer to the ground for details. Remember this is an overview so I won’t address all your questions. I created a visual aid of Powerpoint slides plus I have pdf files below of my old charts. To follow my teaching, I suggest you print out the charts as a quick reference. I show the slide pages below to follow with each section of chapters. If you’d like to heighten your Revelation experience I have a novel coming out in its second edition called The Unveiling. It fleshes out the events of the Revelation with characters who live through the entire experience. The first printing sold out as a best seller and the second edition will be out in August 2011. FYI, a heads-up for pre-tribbers…I present a “post-tribulation” view in this teaching. Keep an open mind. Click on the Chapters for the MP3 files.

Click here for: PowerPoint Slides ~ Revelation Chart 1 ~ Revelation Chart 2 ~ Daniel’s 70 Wk Outline
~ 70 Week Chart ~ Plan of the Ages

Chapters 1-5: Introduction, The Unveiling of Jesus, The Seven Churches, & The Throne Room in Heaven
See Powerpoint Slides 1-3

Chapters 6-8: The Seven Seals, The 144,000 with Parenthetical Events, & The First Four Trumpets
See Powerpoint Slides 4-9

Chapters 9-11: The Last Three Trumpets, The Little Scroll, & The Two Witnesses
See Powerpoint Slides 10-20

Chapter 12: The Bride of Christ, The Manchild, The Flight to the Desert, & The Remnant of Her Seed
See Powerpoint Slides 21-28

Chapter 13-22: The Antichrist, The False Prophet, 666, The 144,000 with the Lamb, The Seven Bowls,
The Harlot Church, The Second Coming, Armageddon, The Millnnial Reign,
The Great White Throne & The New Heaven & Earth
See Powerpoint Slides 29-41[/toggle] [toggle title=”The Spirit & the Bride in Genesis 24 Sermon” open=”0″]This message was taught at the Winter Ablaze 2011 Youth Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. It is an exposition of the symbolic language found in Genesis 24 regarding a Bride being found for Isaac. It is the most comprehensive type and shadow found in the Old Testament depicting the Father, Christ the Son, His Bride and the Holy Spirit sent to retrieve the Bride. I applied this story as an admonition to the emerging generation to keep themselves ready for the Lord.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Daniel’s Seventy Week Prophecy Series” open=”0″]Notes Scriptures Bible Page Ch. 9
This series is being done in my current class on Eschatology. Interpreting this prophecy is a significant foundation for Revelation. The 7oth week of this prophecy creates a tension between the pre-trib and post-trib views. If you don’t get this foundation right, it will effect the rest of the story.

Week 1 – My personal story and introduction to the series.
Week 2 – Daniel the advocate in heaven’s court.
Week 3 – Gabriel, the Division of Weeks, and Cyrus’ Command.
Week 4 – Messiah the Prince and the Troublesome Times of the first 7 weeks.
Week 5 – The Covenant, the Abomination of Desolation, the Midst of the Week and the Wing of Abomination.
Week 6 – The Consummation, Desolation, Breach Principle, Last Half Week, and the Two Witnesses.
Week 7 – The Bride of Christ and the Antichrist.
Week 8 – The Tribulation of the Church and the Great Escape of the Bride.[/toggle] [toggle title=”History of the Rapture” open=”0″]One of the assignments I took on toward my degree at Logos Graduate School was a review and report of a book on the origins and history of the “any moment” or “rapture” theory. It was a thoroughly documented book by author, Dave MacPherson, called The Incredible Cover-Up. I highly recommend it and believe it is still available on Amazon.com. Here is my report and commentary on that book: The Incredible Cover-Up[/toggle] [toggle title=”Activating the Gift of Prophecy Series” open=”0″]Notes
This series has been completed in my current class on Discipleship. I have done an extensive teaching on this gift with weekly exercises in using the gift. You may follow along and grow with the rest of the class on this practical guide, teaching and exercise of the gift of prophecy.

Week 1 – My personal story and introduction to the gift of prophecy.
Week 2 – Daniel’s operation in the gift of the word of knowledge and prophecy.
Week 2a – An Exposition of 1 Corinthians 14 – Paul’s instruction on the use of the gifts in the service.
Week 3 – The Seriousness of Prophecy and the First Component of Prophecy: Revelation.
Week 4 – The Types, Levels, and Etiquette of Prophecy and the 2nd Component of Prophecy: Interpretation.
Week 5 – The Twelve Test of Prophecy, How to Grow in the Gift, and Prophetic Ministry duringWorship.
Week 6 – The last class of of prophetic exercises with testimonies and comments from the students.[/toggle] [toggle title=”The Real Faith by Dr. Charles S. Price” open=”0″]Click: Book
In all my years of pastoring and praying for people, I’ve been blessed to see many people healed miraculously. But like others who pray for the sick and infirm, not all are healed and we wonder why this happens. One day, The Real Faith, was put in my hands and my spirit lept with joy at the answers I found to this question of healing. It took the pressure off of my disappointment and sense of failure and condemnation about my own faith, and puts it within the context of truth and kingdom realities. I have recommended this book to thousands and have my own copy which I have lent to a number of people over the years. Many of those people were healed after they read it. Unfortunately, this book is no longer in print. There are updated versions of it, but I always felt this particular print edition was the best version of it. Now I have come upon the actual pdf. file that was released for people to read because it’s no longer found in print. Just click on Book above and it will be in your possession to receive the revelation and insight that so many need to hear. Enjoy! ~Jay Zinn[/toggle] [toggle title=”Rules for Interpreting Scriptures Seminar” open=”0″]Notes Answer Key
The greatest weapon that Satan will use in the last days is deception. He will take complete advantage of the ignorance prevailing in the church today. This is the generation most vulnerable to deception because it is a generation of Bible illiterates who take little time to study God’s Word. No one is immune to Satan’s deception, but the person who is a student of the Word will have the greatest defense against it. This is why I teach this series. It is foundational for all who are called to preach and teach the gospel, as well as a blessing to those who wish to understand how to interpret Bible prophecy. These tools (or rules) are a must and a critical key to a balanced knowledge of the Bible. This class is a condensed version of Kevin J. Connor and Ken Malmin’s book, “Interpreting the Scriptures” along with some of their illustrations in their “Key of Knowledge Seminar.” I highly recommend you purchase their book for your library as a reference from which these condensed notes and teachings are from. This study is far from being boring, it will inspire and open up the Bible to you like never before. It will be your greatest weapon of understanding against deception and those who twist the scriptures to say what they want it to say.

You can acquire Kevin & Ken’s book at: www.citychristianpublishing.com/books/?isbn=0-914936-20-4.

Session1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6 Session 7 [/toggle] [toggle title=”A Little Levity – The Laugh Rick Snow & Tommie Gable” open=”0″]A couple of decades ago, two pastor friends of mine sat down at a conference to record this brief moment of fun on a cassette tape. I had forgotten all about it until my brother-in-law pulled it out for me to listen to it. I only put it under this heading for now until I create another page for fun stuff like this. Rick Snow and Tommie Gable, two of the funniest pastors I’ve known created this comic relief gig on the spur of the moment. Enjoy.[/toggle] [toggle title=”God & His Name by W.H. Offiler” open=”0″]Click: Book
Many wonder why Jesus commanded us to be baptized into the name of the Father, and the name of the Son, and the name of the Holy Spirit. Why did he emphasize this and why did the disciples baptize new converts into the name of the LORD-JESUS-CHRIST in the book of Acts? In this timeless book (1932) by W.H. Offiler, the truth of God’s name is examined in great detail and brings clarity to the questions surrounding the use of the name of the “Lord-Jesus-Christ” in water baptism. The book is out of print but this file may be printed by permission for your personal use. [/toggle] [toggle title=”The Baptism of the Holy Spirit” open=”0″]If you want to have this gift promised by Christ, I have recorded the story of my own experience and the things I’ve shared with hundreds of people I have led into this gift from God. It is designed for you as a tool to have others listen to, or you can learn the way I do it as an example or template for you to lead others into their baptism of the Holy Spirit. My recommendation for you who want to receive this now, and for you who want to lead others into this is to click on the following items below in the order they are given. First, print out my notes and the chart supplied, and thoroughly study the notes and scriptures to get a reasonable understanding of the theology and practics of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Once that is done, listen to my recorded story and talk that will lead you into the experience, keeping the chart nearby as a visual reference to what I’m sharing. The chart is essentially what I draw for the candidates as I explain the process and the importance of the experience as a foundation for their faith and walk in Christ. Learn it, receive it, enjoy it, and lead others into it!

Step One: Read and Study my notes: “Holy Spirit Baptism”

Step Two: Study and examine my chart: “Spirit Baptism Chart”

Step Two: Listen to my recording (with the chart): “You Can Receive the Holy Spirit Now” [/toggle]