The Titles Grouped Together Are In A Series

Making Plans For Life Sermon Notes

Why Does God Allow Evil?

Kingdom Culture Mandate

What’s Going On In the Future?
Power Point

What’s Going On In the Middle East?

Faith Divine Or Faith of Mind?

When Jesus Calls On You

Great Expectations

Stop For the One

When Judgment Drives Us to Grace

The Spirit Man Power Point
The Diet of the Spirit Man
Feeding the Spirit Man

The Story of the Cross

Paul’s Original Intent About Headship
Paul’s Original Intent in His Prohibitive Verses Sermon Notes
God’s Intent for Powerful Women Sermon Notes

Revolution to Reformation to Transformation

The Top Priority of Leadership

Governing from Heaven

Finishing Our Race Well Sermon Notes

Culture of Honor Part I
Culture of Honor Part II

Tending To Our Lamps Sermon Notes Power Point
When Light Shifts the Atmosphere Sermon Notes
Shifting the Atmosphere Sermon Notes

Inspiration Not Aspiration

The Other Side of the Shell
Sermon Notes
10 Ways to Destroy Your Marriage

The Power of Focus

The Orphan Spirit Sermon Notes

Part 5 – 12 Principles to Prevent Deception Notes Scripture References
Part 4 – Eight Steps Out of Deception Powerpoint
Part 3 – 10 Types of Deception Powerpoint
Part 2 – The Three Forms of Deception Powerpoint
Part 1- The Power of Deception – Part 1 Part 2
Deception Scriptures Powerpoint

The Fear of God – Part 4
The Fear of God – Part 3
The Fear of God – Part 2
The Fear of God – Part 1

The Coming War in the Middle East

The Spirit & The Bride in Genesis 24

Elijah’s Hope

A Return to Obedience

The Discipline of Solitude

Overflow, Not Overwork

Nine Virtues of Divine Love – Part 1
Nine Virtues of Divine Love – Part 2
Nine Virtues of Divine Love – Part 3

People Loved Love People

The Power of Our Testimony

The Great Commission
The Great Commission: A Lost Art
Reopening the Wells of Discipleship

Divine Paradox

Butterfly Kisses