Talks & Seminars


Speaking Engagements

Pastors seldom get a break from weekly preaching. That’s where we can help. When your local church needs speaking engagements or seminars, Jay comes with 40 years of preaching and teaching experience. He can speak on any topic you need to address your congregation. As for weekend seminars, here are some of the exciting themes Jay offers:

018673-glossy-black-icon-symbols-shapes-circle-clearPrinciples of Interpreting the Scriptures — learn how to use the tools necessary to accurately handle and interpret the Bible.

018673-glossy-black-icon-symbols-shapes-circle-clearThe Art and Implentation of Discipleship — learn to how to bring an effective, reproducing sysyem of discipleship into your church.

018673-glossy-black-icon-symbols-shapes-circle-clearOverview of the Book of Revelation — from chapters 1-22, Jay presents a comprehensive journey through the Revelation.

018673-glossy-black-icon-symbols-shapes-circle-clearIn the Light of Eternity — discover what life will be like after Jesus comes back; what earth is like, what our bodies are like, what we’ll be doing.

018673-glossy-black-icon-symbols-shapes-circle-clearLeadership Training — the biggest need for pastors is to train and equip leaders. Jay presents tools and concepts to help your candidates.

018673-glossy-black-icon-symbols-shapes-circle-clearProphetic Activation — Paul said all may prophesy, but how? Jay helps activate the gift of prophecy in your members with healthy guidelines.


Pulpit speaking engagements last for 30 minutes to an hour depending on the comfort level of the church. Seminar sessions are 45 minutes per session and can range from 2-5 sessions, depending on the seminar. Handouts will be included in the seminars.


Come and join Jay through January 7th through February 25th of 2015 for his eight week Revelation Seminar at Grace Covenant Church in Huntersville, NC. This seminar will be held every Wednesday night in the Fireside Room from 7:00-8:15. Jay’s new book, “Countdown to Eternity” will be available for purchase.