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Yesterday I promised that I would share with you “one way” that we could educate, equip and involve the Millennials (Gen Y) and rising age of Generation Z to effect the “next” generation of Americans who come into public office. But before I do, I must open with this. I am a firm believer that the kingdom of God has no divide between the sacred and secular. Jesus was both 100% man and 100% God. He never did one thing secular. When he learned the trade of a carpenter, he was God’s Son and everything he built with his hands was sacred in the sense that it was kingdom. When I work as a pastor, an author, or an artist, I’m operating in the sacred. Why? Because I inhabit two worlds simultaneously. I am both a heavenly man and an earthly man as long as I am in this tent. Jesus purchased my body, soul, and spirit, so then everything I do−whether mundane or gigantic−is kingdom. There’s no distinction.

The same goes for my care about our country which was founded on Biblical principles. Our founding fathers were kingdom men when they fought and died for our freedom. And because I care about my children’s future and my grandchildren’s future…any effort I make to evaluate and vote for the best candidate for a public office−whether federal, state, or local−I am operating within the realm of sacred. God’s kingdom advanced throughout the entire Bible wherever he placed men and women in positions of political influence to effect the outcome for his kingdom purposes. God doesn’t confine himself to the activities of the local church, he also governs in the affairs of nations. Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Daniel, Esther and Paul−all were used to impact the governments and kingdoms of men in their time. To say this isn’t the responsibility of a Christian is to deny our destiny to be a kingdom of priests to the nations−salt and lights to the world. We begin in our homes, then our jobs, then our communities, then our city, then our nation. We are to pray for those in positions of power and authority so that we may enjoy a life of peace as opposed to war and slavery.

The greatest deception the Devil has foisted upon the church in America is to believe we are to separate ourselves and the church from government affairs and mind our own business. Separation of church and state has been redefined to mean: “Church−stay out of State affairs!” Truth be told, it originally meant to say, “State−stay out of religious affairs!” In other words, there will be no state-imposed religion upon the citizens of America. That’s what “freedom of religion” means: to freely choose the denomination or religion we want without interference or persecution by the government.

So before we can begin to shape and change the minds of millennials and Gen Z’s [when it comes to political ideologies or career politicians], the church must change her misconception of the first amendment. We can’t have an effective revolution unless we take off the blind-fold of “isolation from politics.” We can’t escape the cold, hard facts that principled people must be voted into office, and that won’t happen if we remove ourselves from the process. Whether we like it or not, politics shapes culture through the people making the laws [nowadays, that includes judges]. And if principled people don’t participate in that process, then we forfeit our freedoms to the un-principled. We need a revolution in the church if we’re ever going to have a revolution in our young to change the direction of our country.

Here’s the one way I talked about that you can help. There is a man who has a vision and a plan to produce an “American-Idol” style show that will consist of 20 “citizen candidates,” running for the office of the President of the United States in 2016. They’re neither Republicans nor Democrats, but constitutionalists who, if voted into office, will lead by the laws of the constitution. They will be “unknowns.” Outsiders who America will curiously follow, week after week, and vote for the “citizen” candidate of their choice. In the fall, America’s choice will become a “Write-In” candidate who will by-pass the electoral process and the two-party system. It’s radical, never been done before, and sends a clear message that we’re tired of doing the same thing the same way, getting the same results, i.e.−more of the same. It’s a bold move to shake up the system and career politicians. It won’t solve everything, but it will educate and could start the revolution Thomas Jefferson spoke of. It can be a vehicle to recapture the minds of the young and all in our country who are ready to go to bat for the “next generation.”

So if you’re interested, then click on this link below and hear the heart of the CEO of the show. If it seems good to you and resonates in your heart, please tell everyone about it. Generate the interest. I’ll also share more about it later. Oh, BTW…the show is called “The Write In” and will be aired, January 2016.

Stay tuned…

Click Now: The Write-In

Posted on October 2, 2015 in General

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