Discipleship Group

Hello disciples (of Jesus),

I am excited to begin this journey and process with you. I hope you will enjoy it. I’ll be referring to you each week as disciples because you are committing to make yourselves disciplined learners of Christ. You are not my disciples; I’m just a disciple’s coach. You are His disciples. So when I begin each week’s assignments with “Hello disciples,” it is a given that I will mean His disciples.

I will start out a little slow in your workbook, but increase as we go. Effective discipleship requires devoting ourselves to Jesus. All I plan to do is to help you accelerate that relationship with the Lord through steps and books and readings that have helped me over the years. So you may feel like the Karate Kid who questioned his training as just a bunch of weird job assignments. He didn’t know that his “sensei” was instilling basic building blocks into his body’s memory banks. That’s what I plan to do with you. Instill repetition, fundamentals, and the basics into your “spiritual memory banks”—those daily habits we want to become involuntary until they transform from regiment to desire.

I hope you will trust me in this process. I promise you’ll see results. Think of it as establishing life-long habits that will help you grow stronger and go further in your faith—year after year. Are you in? If so, then click on this title to purchase my book: The Discipleship Group—Book One.

Here are the reviews from some of those who have been going through this journey with me in a Discipleship Group:

Rennia Robbertse:

“Not only has being a part of this discipleship group really allowed me to dig deeper into the Word of God and grow in my relationship with Christ and with others, I look forward to eventually leading a group in the same way and be a part of making disciples just as Jesus did. Thank you, Jay, for writing this book.”

Donnie Pack:

“The Discipleship Group has impacted my life in so many ways. It has given me a hunger and desire to seek God on a daily basis and not just some other bible reading plan. This group has changed my life. In my opinion every new or old believer needs to go through this discipleship group. It is a perfect model of how Jesus discipled his disciples. My prayer is that this discipleship class will spread throughout all bible teaching churches in the country.”

Maggie Hanna:

“In our discipleship group, I find myself made accountable to my fellow disciples. When we meet each week to discuss our assignments, we often find ourselves ministering, encouraging and lifting one another up through the revelations God gave us that week. This structure has been teaching me how to put the Word of God into practice in my life to encourage and edify others, realizing that to follow Christ is not for my own sake, but for the sake of others.”

Adrian Pledger:

“This book is a must read and exercise for every serious believer who wants to be challenged in their Christian faith as a follower of Jesus Christ. Since reading and following the assignments in this book, I have been encouraged and inspired to grow deeper in my relationship with God and to see the lost and dying world saved. This book will give you the fundamental tools to use in discipling men and women, and will equip you to train and equip leaders for the kingdom of God. If you read and practice the assignments in this book with an open heart, it will change your life.”

Tanika Pack:

“I am 36 years old and have participated in many bible studies in my life, but never have I experienced the spiritual growth that I have experienced with this discipleship group. It has changed my perspective on life and helped my understanding of life…especially the life of Christ.”

Adam Luxton:

“The Discipleship Group study has been an extremely beneficial tool for my spiritual growth. It has opened my eyes to many new truths and allowed me to be very efficient in my study time. About 8 weeks into the group, the Lord blessed me with a group of three other men to lead along this path as well. I’m just as encouraged to see them grow as I continue on in my own journey to become a pastor someday.”

Cyndy Winchester:

“I highly recommend The Discipleship Group. It has brought to me a more complete understanding of what it means to disciple a person. Which is the great commission. The greatest disservice in the church today is the failure to disciple. The Discipleship Group provides a dynamic approach to developing disciples of Christ, build relationships, and experience fresh insights from the Holy Spirit.”

Clarence Harvin:

“I use to think about Christianity as a method of working to earn entry to heaven and receiving GOD’S favor, but obviously, when I learned more about it, I realized that it was more about a relationship with JESUS CHRIST than religious practices. This book has been the perfect tool for me to dig deep into understanding GOD’S Word and growing and cultivating a deeper relationship with JESUS CHRIST. What I feel is a constant pruning of my Spirit to help me be more intimate with the LORD.”