Donors and Benefactors

People who experience mentorship through discipleship understand how important this mission is and do what ever they can to promote it. Some do this through being a discipler and mentor themselves, while others become partners with Jay Zinn Ministries through their generous donations. JZM is a non-profit organization and also has a 501c3 tax exempt status for charitable contributions.

If you would like to become a partner in monthly donations, your funds will go toward creating and writing more discipleship books and literature, getting these materials into the hands of church pastors and leaders, helping to provide consultation for small churches, and providing ways for us to help smaller churches and missionaries to get these materials for their ministries. The discipleship books and literature are also being translated into Spanish to equip hispanic churches which JZM will help in financing the translations. The first Discipleship Group book is already completed in Spanish and Book Two is in the translation process now.

Thank you for your support toward making disciples of all nations!

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