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Week 36: Big Dog Small Dog

In my first and second church plant, we experienced successful growth. Because of this, on two memorable occasions, my arrogance displayed itself like the fanned tale of a peacock. It’s embarrassing to know how silly I must have looked. In my late twenties, a man twice my age came to me—a seasoned saint—looking for a…

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Week 35: Be Generous

Leadership is a gift on loan from God, just as all gifts are. And with every leader comes a unique, dominant gift or ability to be used to benefit others. Paul brought this home when he asked, “Who makes you different from anyone else? What do you have that you did not receive [from God]?”…

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Week 34: Know Your People

Whenever I speak to a small group of thirty or less, before the session I privately ask each person their first name. I repeat it several times in my mind to lock it in. I also try to notice a distinguishing feature that helps me recall their name. As I go to the next person,…

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Week 33: Lighten the Yoke

Jesus understood the necessity of retreat for his disciples. They were constantly pressed by the needs and demands of the crowds, not to mention the relentless scrutiny of the Pharisees. There were several ways Jesus withdrew himself and his disciples from the frenetic pace that consumed them. He took them out on the fishing boats…

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