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Week 25: The Power of “No”

The word “no” is the most powerful word in our language. It’s the first word learned and spoken by children. No! It’s the word required or implied to negotiate a fair and comprehensive deal if there’s to be an outcome of a win/win for either party. “No” is part of a leader’s life because they’re visionaries.…

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Week 24: Essential Skills for Communication-4

Speak the truth in love, not in a harsh tone. There is a time to show anger at some infraction worthy of being upset about. But be sure the anger is used constructively, not destructively. God gets angry at the wicked every day—but the difference between his anger and ours is that we lack all…

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Week 23: Essential Skills for Communication-3

Don’t allow the conversation to be one-sided. A conversation isn’t a conversation if it’s nothing more than a monologue (i.e., one person doing all the talking). Conversation is an “exchange” of thoughts, ideas, inspiration, information, etc. It’s feedback, iron sharpening iron. It’s “dialogue.” Paul instructed the church in Philippi, “Look not only to your own…

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Week 22: Essential Skills for Communication-2

Listen, even if you disagree. To display annoyance or anger at another’s differing views is to fulfill what Proverbs says, “A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an offense.”[1] There are two sides to any subject when it comes to opinions and convictions. We can’t avoid disagreement with people, nor…

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Week 21: Essential Skills for Communication-1

Don’t interrupt, finish a sentence, or rush the other person’s thoughts. This indicates that you don’t have time for them or care about what they have to say on the subject at hand. It’s also rude and insensitive. If, on the other hand, you have someone who doesn’t stop to take a breath, finish a…

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