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Week 20: Time and Honesty

In Genesis, Adam and Eve enjoyed open discourse with God until sin entered their souls and they hid themselves from him. Ever since the fall “hiding” has been a common trait in human relationships. Everyone employs a defense mechanism of “self-preservation” which began in our early childhood. Ever notice how shamelessly honest two-year olds are…

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Week 19: Five Levels of Communication

In any level of leadership development, attention must be paid to how effective we are in our communication skills. This is more than just having the gift to gab, it’s having the ability to convey information, ideas, and meaning in order to gain a common understanding between parties. This doesn’t mean we agree with everything…

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Week 18: Leadership Criteria – Part Three

• Are you able to keep people focused on the main thing? The prime objective of Southwest Airlines was to keep their fares lower than any other airline. When members of the leadership base wanted to add food for the customers—instead of peanuts—the top level leaders said, “No, we’ll stick with peanuts.” That decision kept…

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