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Week 17: Leadership Criteria – Part Two

• Are you one who inordinately needs the applause and approval of others? What happens when a situation demands that the best decision for everyone involved in the mission is not the most popular decision and may disappoint the majority—including close friends? Will you be a God-pleaser or a man-pleaser? Do not be one who…

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Week 16: Leadership Criteria – Part One

For the next few weeks, we’ll examine standards of self-measurement for leadership criteria. Keep in mind as you read this that leaders grow in stature and aren’t born in complete stature. So whatever your shortcomings, Jesus will help you grow in them. If you’re familiar with the gospels, then recall and make note of an…

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Week 15: Late Bloomers & Fruit Bloomers

I was a “late-bloomer” when it came to my physical development—skinny, short, and with noodles for arms. Then in, my senior year of high school, the growth spurts finally kicked in and my height increased and my body filled out. Growing up, however, I had none of the physical requirements necessary for sports—consequently, always the…

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Week 14: Discouragement’s Test

Leaders are visionaries. They see what others do not. They speak of what others do not about what lays ahead. Passion for what they see resides in their hearts and they cannot rest until they see it to the end. To do so requires the buy-in of others. Leaders need human and financial resources to…

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