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Success is Found in the One

When we make it our goal to be successful by numbers, motives shift from pursuing God to pursuing self-aggrandizement. The more souls saved the more self-glory found in the notches on our belt. The problem is that it makes lost people the object of personal ambition rather than the object of God’s love. It makes…

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Reflecting the One I Love

Since my attempt at achieving perfection has failed, it doesn’t mean that I stop making an effort to be a godly person. It means I may be trying to obtain perfection for the wrong reason, and in the wrong way. First of all, no one is perfect but God. Now this doesn’t excuse any of…

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Jesus in the Everyday

Jesus claimed that all the Old Testament laws, prophecies, and the Psalms were fulfilled in him and pointed to him as the divine revelation of God and all that he is. You will not find Jesus through the practice of any religious activity or rigid rules and techniques; instead you will find him in the…

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Spiritual Nerve Endings

The Holy Spirit is a gift to us. He is God who indwells our spirit man, and acts like nerve endings to alert us spiritually. He will alert our conscience, and convict and convince us of sinful behavior that will damage ourselves and others. If we’re satisfied with nothing more than attending church once a…

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Misguided Zeal

In my zeal to win souls and provoke others to be just as zealous, I failed to understand that God had never commissioned me to make converts, he commissioned me to make disciples. God does the converting, convicting and the drawing to himself when I witness or give testimony to his saving grace. But I…

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The Call

In a world of frenetic activity, to hear the call requires positioning oneself in God’s presence long enough to hear God say, “Whom shall I send?” Disciples are the only category of Christians I know who are in the place of responding because they’re close enough and disciplined enough to spend time with God and…

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All the tomorrows of our life have to pass through Him before they can get to us.

- F.B. Meyer

If you live a life of discipline, you’ll be admired. If you live a life of passion, you’ll be contagious.

- Bill Johnson

I lovingly grant the Holy Spirit permission to use “ought,” “should” and “must” in my life; to everyone else, they are forbidden words.

- Cec Murphey

The thrill of filth repels me, for I know its power to drag me from God.

- Frank Laubach

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